Jun 26

With the quality mark

Buketov Karaganda State University once again confirmed its high position in national and global rankings.

University ranking is a relatively new phenomenon in Kazakhstan higher education, but it is already having an impact on universities strategic planning, their educational and research activities. University rankings are compiled by independent international and national agencies. They are considered as a kind of quality mark, an indicator of an university competitiveness in the country and the world.

Today, the universities of Kazakhstan can participate in the rankings at the global, regional and national levels. Karaganda State University is an active participant of the ranking on all three levels of evaluation of education and research quality.  The partners of the University in the Republic are the Independent Agency of Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) and the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA).

IAAR forms the national ranking of universities according to fields and levels of training. It evaluates the effectiveness of academic and research activities of the universities in Kazakhstan. The main indicators are the following: existence of national and international accreditation, the number of students holding “Altyn belgi”, winners of the Republican subject Olympiads, the number of teachers holding the state grant ” Best University Teacher “,  other state awards and scholarships. The ranking position of a University or a particular specialty helps prospective student to navigate themselves effectively in the market of educational services and choose the right University.

Along with the national rankings, Karaganda State University is actively involved in prestigious global rankings of universities. Increased academic mobility, the status of higher education as a market product in a globalized economy has led to competition between universities on a global level. A university that defines its position in the global market of educational services needs to successfully position itself in the world rankings.

Since 2011 Buketov Karaganda State University has taken part in one of the most influential world rankings “QS” (“Quacquarelli Symonds”, UK), which is part of the “big three” global ratings of universities, together with the Shanghai ranking and Times Higher Education ranking. QS rankings is a global expert and analytical study of universities, considering their achievements in education and science. Annually, the study involves more than two and a half thousand universities in the world, estimated by the intensity and quality of research work, by employers’ opinions, career potential, and internationalization.

Because of the high level of evaluation criteria in this prestigious world ranking only eight Kazakhstani universities have been included in QS ranking. Buketov Karaganda State University is the only such university in our region.

In early June, the results of the “QS” World rating 2017-2018 were published. According to them, KSU has improved its academic reputation in comparison with the last year and so joined the group of universities with the “TOP 600” position in the world.

In addition to the global rankings, since 2014 Karaganda State University has been included in two regional rating: “ARES” and “QS: Emerging Europe and Central Asia”. In “ARES” ranking, the University is placed in the highest category “A”. The rating is based on the information about the University from external sources. In a new regional “QS” ranking for Eastern Europe and Central Asia 2016, KSU is placed on the 101-110 position, entering the “TOP 200” of the best and most rapidly growing universities in the region.

The particular emphasis to promotion of Kazakhstani universities in the world rankings is given by the State Program of Education Development 2016-2019. One of the priority objectives defined in the Program is the indicator “the number of Kazakhstani universities listed in the QS ratings from top-200 to top-701+”.

Working towards this important task, Buketov Karaganda University successfully implements its competitive advantages and improves its positions in the world.

Nowadays, the world and national ratings require the universities to strengthen their positions in the labour market, to find resources, new approaches to improve the quality of education. In the context of growing competition in the academic environment, to participate and improve the positions in the world rankings is a difficult, but achievable task.


Rymbek Zhumashev, the first rector of Buketov Karaganda State University.

Source: Website of the newspaper “Industrial Karaganda” http://inkaraganda.kz/articles/144930