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International online Olympiad named “Connoisseurs of the Kazakh language”

The Karaganda State University named of  E.A. Buketov

Information letter

In the framework of the State program for the development and using of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 – 2020 years, Faculty of Philology of Karaganda State University named of  E.A. Buketov holds an international online Olympiad named “Connoisseurs of the Kazakh language” between foreign students from 20th to 22nd February , 2018.

 The aims of the Olympiad:

– To improve language policy  that provides the  wide application of the Kazakh language;

– To consolidate the status of the using  the Kazakh language;

– To increase the demand of the Kazakh language;

– To increase the interest of other nations to the Kazakh language, and to create the appropriate of  the linguistic society.

 The regulation of realization:

Language of realization: Kazakh

The Olympiad consists of three rounds:

 The first round is – qualifying round which consist of twenty questions.  We  consider  the level of each participant’s knowledge of the language. According to the results of the testing, we pick on the participants, who are going to the 2nd round.

The second round II round is a listening, in this round we offer the listening and the assignments for different levels.

The third round is – the main one; participants who passed the qualifying round have opportunity to take part in this round. This round is held during a day. It is necessary to make the text on the topic “My family ” (8-10 offers)  for the A1, A2 levels and to write the composition on the subject “The bow to the motherland” (13-15 offers) for the B1, B2 levels, also to write the essay on a topic  « A profession is my pride» (18-20 offers)  for the C1,C2 levels.

Olympiad’s conditions:

– the participant has to do the tasks independently ,without someone’s help;

– the participant needs to fill in the sheet of answers responsibly;

– the participant must  fill  all necessary tables.

The results of competition will be declared on web-site  www.ksu.kz

The form of the participant’s registration


The place of education  


Contact phone: 87786017109

e-mail:  ktabiya@mail.ru