Committee on Youth Affairs

Telephone number: 8(7212)77-03-90


Youth Affairs Committee was founded at E. A. Buketov Karaganda State University in 1994. Youth Affairs Committee is a branch of Karaganda State University.

The main goals of the committee are as follows: to encourage students to be active; to support students’ ideas; to encourage commitment to the home country; to help them become leaders, decision makers, and opinion formers in the home country.

Youth Affairs Committee coordinates work of Students’ Hostel councils, Youth Affairs Committees of the departments, as well as clubs, Students’ Unions and hobby groups. At the present time there function the following organizations at Youth Affairs Committee: Students’ Parliament (One of the most important goals is further building future professionals’ skills through their membership and implementing theoretical knowledge in practice); International Cultural Centre (It unites the representatives of 36 nationalities); Press-Club (It organizers vocational guidance work as well as gives out information to the press for the University); Debating-society «Associated student body» (It helps students become well-informed in public policy, develops thinking, oratorical and intellectual abilities by conducting round-table discussions); Debating Club (The members of the Kazakh, Russian, English Leagues have achieved great results in regional, republican and international competitions); Intellectual Club «What? Where? When?»; Intellectual Club «Brain- ring»; Graduates’ Club (It organizes university graduates’ meetings); Student’s Construction Group (In 2002 the University Student’s Construction Group proved to be the best among other student’s construction groups of Kazakhstan when rehabilitating the region damaged by the earthquake (Turar Ryskulov district, Zhambyl region); Employment exchange (It provides students with job they can do when they are not busy with their studies, cooperates with City Employment Centre, etc).

In coordination with the informational and analytical centre of the University Youth Affairs Committee evaluates home policy processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Youth Affairs Committee cooperates effectively with Youth Congress of Kazakhstan, Home Policy Department of Karaganda region, AIDS Centre, different youth organizations. It keeps in touch with other Youth Affairs Committees of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and Baltic countries. The most active students take part in the Republican Youth Festival «Zhas Tolkyn», Regional Festival «Youth is the future of Kazakhstan», the World Festival of Creative Youth «Shabyt»».