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Resume. Philology department is one of the oldest departments of the University. It was founded on May, 5, 1938 as the only department of Karaganda Teacher’s training Institute. A new stage in the development of the department starts with transformation of the Teacher’s training Institute into a university (1972).

Mission of the Philology Department is in fundamental multi-level training of highly qualified professionals capable of carrying out educational, researching and literary-publicistic activities as well as of implementing innovative educational models creatively.

The graduates can work in secondary schools, in the system of higher education, electronic and printed media, information and advertising agencies, mass-media, commercial and public organisations, in entertainment. They are in demand in any place where humanitarian thinking and creative approach are necessary. The distinguishing feature of all philology department graduates is their profound knowledge in the field of linguistics, literature, modern journalism.

Research activity. The logical conclusion of the research work is practical application of the investigation results. The most important results of the research work find their place in special courses. The department has 6 chairs: Kazakh language practical course chair; Kazakh literature chair; Kazakh linguistics chair; Russian language and literature teaching methodics chair; Classical and Russian philology chair, Journalistics chair.

The students of the department have the possibility to attend special courses: literature; the Latin language; the Polish language; Russian as a foreign language; The Russian language and literature in a Kazakh school; Children literature; study of the Turkish language; the Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh teaching language.

Philology department offers the following specialities of Bachelor, full-time and half-time education and the distant education technology (the second higher educatoin):

Bachelor in specialities:

050117 – Kazakh language and literature
050118 – Russian language and literature
050121 – Kazakh language and literature in schools not conducting lessons in Kazakh
050122 – Russian language and literature in schools not conducting lessons in Russian
050205 – Philology (Kazakh and Russian)
050504 – Journalism

Magistracy (public):

6N0117 – Kazakh language and literature
6N0118 – Russian language and literature
6N0205 – Philology
6N0504 – Journalism

Doctorate courses (PhD) are directed toward preparation of: linguistic typology and contactology; modern directions of anthropolinguistics