Chemical Faculty

General Information

The mission of the Faculty of Chemistry is training of the highly qualified specialists possessing fundamental knowledge and capable to effective introduction of innovations in the field of chemical industry, science and education.

The chemical faculty today is the largest center of chemistry in the region, consisting of four graduating departments, employing 10 doctors (professors) and 45 candidates (associate professors) in chemical sciences.

Faculty of Chemistry of the KarSU named after Ye.A. Buketov conducts training of highly qualified specialists in a multistage system: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral PhD. Training of specialists is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Students of 1-4 courses of the full-time department are trained in credit technology, and correspondence shortened ones are trained in distance education.

At the present time, the chemical faculty carries out the preparation of bachelors in the following majors: 5В060600 – “Chemistry” (Natural Science), 5В011200 – “Chemistry” (Education), 5В072000 – “Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances” and 5В072100 – “Chemical Technology of Organic Substances”, 5В074800 – “Technology of Pharmaceutical Production”; Masters in the following majors: 6M060600 – “Chemistry”, 6M072100 – “Chemical Technology of Organic Substances”, 6M072000 – “Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances”, 6M011200 – “Chemistry” (Education).

From the  2008 year  PhD Doctors are trained in the field of Chemistry.

By the order of the Chairman of the Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 58 of April 3, 2008, Ye.A.Buketov the Engineering laboratory of “Physical and Chemical Methods of Research” is opened.

In 2012, the Chemical Incubator “Chemical Materials Science and Nanochemistry” was opened at the Chemical Faculty.

There are four graduating Departments at the faculty: Inorganic and Technical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Polymers, Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Chemical technology and Ecology. On the basis of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” MNPH “Phytochemistry”, LLP “Institute of Organic Synthesis and Coal Chemistry” established branches of the departments of the chemical faculty. A memorandum on scientific and technical cooperation with JSC “KazMunayGas Onimderi”, LLP “ALIAN-paint” was concluded.

Faculty History

In the 70s the Karaganda region was one of the leading in Kazakhstan on the development of chemical science. There wasa demand for chemistsin Karaganda factories. In addition, there was a strong shortage of teachers of chemistry at secondary schools in Karaganda and in the whole region. In this regard, in 1972it was decided to open a chemical faculty on the basis of the Department of Chemistry of the Natural Faculty of the Karaganda State Pedagogical Institute for the training of specialists in chemistry.

The first Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry was Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Rashida Gazizovna Omarova, who headed the Chemistry Department for 20 years, one of the leading chemists.

Associate Professor Rashida Gazizovna Omarova and Secretary V. Yermolayeva


The first heads of the departments were: corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, first rector of the Karaganda State University Evney Arystanovich Buketov, Associate Professor Erken Gavurovich Gafurov, Associate Professor Akbet Amanbaevna Kozhakova.

A major role in the organization, formation, definition and development of the scientific directions of the faculty belongs to the first rector of the university, the leading scientist-metallurgist, Academician Ye.A.Buketov.

Evney Arystanovich Buketov in the period from 1972-1983. being the Rector and Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry in 1976, he organized for the first time in Kazakhstan a scientific school of chemistry and technology of chalcogenes and chalcogenides, as well as a 1981 laboratory of the same name.

Academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Evney Arystanovich Buketov

In 1978, the All-Union Conference on the Chemistry and Technology of Chalcogenes and Chalcogenides was held for the first time on the basis of the Chemical-Metallurgical Institute and the Karaganda State University, which was held regularly for many years.

At the same time, academician E.A. Buketov was the head of the topic “Theoretical basis of processing of mineral raw materials and industrial products.”

A great contribution to the establishment of the Faculty of Chemistry (1983-1988), as one of the leading scientific centers of Kazakhstan, was made by the rector, academician of NAS of RK, Honored Scientist, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Zeynulla Muldahmetovich Muldakhmetov.

Academician of NAS of RK, Honored Scientist, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Zeynulla Muldahmetovich Muldahmetov


For the first time in Kazakhstan, the Department of Quantum Chemistry was established on the basis of the chemical faculty. In 1983, the faculty opened the All-Union School of Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy.

In the years 1980-1982. vice-rector for scientific work, doctor of technical sciences, professor V.P. Zhuravlev opens the chair of colloid chemistry and ecology. At the same time, scientific research work on environmental protection was launched.

In the years 1982-1985. Vice-rector for scientific and academic work is academician of NAS of RK, doctor of chemical sciences, professor Murat Zhurinovich Zhurinov, who in 1984 opened the department of electrochemistry at the chemical faculty.

Academician of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Director of the Center of the CIMC Abdrasul Abdashevich Zharmenov, head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry in 1984-1986, organized the scientific direction “Use of electrochemical methods in non-ferrous metallurgy”...

In the second All-Union conference on chalcogenes and chalcogenides, Academician Ye.A. Buketov, professors: N.S. Bekturganov, H.K. Ospanov, A.A. Zharmenov and M.Sc. Amerkhanova Sh.K.


This, in the 1980s, there were 7 departments at the Faculty of Chemistry that trained specialists in day and evening forms of training, solving the tasks of rational use of mineral raw materials in the Central Kazakhstan region.

Currently graduates of our faculty work in all regions of Kazakhstan, they head higher educational institutions, research institutes, are directors and teachers of secondary and secondary special educational institutions.

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, director of the TsThTI MES RK N.S. Bekturganov was a graduate student in the chemical faculty. In 1977-1978, being an employee of HMI AS RK, for the first time he taught at the chemical faculty the discipline “Mathematical Methods in Chemistry”, was the head of scientific works.

The great contribution to the development of the faculty, the opening of new departments, the creation of scientific directions were made by academicians of the NAS RK Bekturganov NS, Zharmenov AA, Gazaliev AM, Adekenov SM, Professor Kurmanaliev O.Sh., Sharipov M.Sh., Bakeev MI, Kazantsev AV, Ayapbergenov KA, Kagarlitsky AD, Kasenov BK, Malyshev VP,
Minaev BF, Makarov GV, Ugorets MZ, Tsytsura AV, Stryapkov VG, Shkodin VG and others.

The personnel of the chemical faculty. The winner of the socialist competition, 1980, the campus building on Str. Lenin #5


Faculty Events

From 13.02.17 to 18.03.17 at the Faculty of Chemistry was held a competition of scientific projects on chemistry among schoolchildren. The competition involved students 8 – 11 classes. The competition was held in two rounds. The subjects of the projects were formed according to the following areas (sections):

1) Organic Chemistry.

2) Inorganic chemistry.

3) Chemical examination and household chemicals.

4) Industrial ecology and technology of oil, gas, coal.

The jury consisted of professors, associate professors of faculty departments.According to the results of the contest, chemistry teachers were awarded with letters of thanks, and participants were awarded first, second and third degree diplomas.

April 22, 2017 was the XI Open Olympiad in Chemistry among schoolchildren of 11 classes.The Olympiad was attended by pupils of 45 general education schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, boarding schools in Karaganda and Karaganda region and adjacent regions.

The best results were shown by the participants School №15 (Balkhash town),Secondary school Daryn, named after Zhambyl,gymnasium №92, №1, school №57, etc.

Following the results of the first and second rounds of the ХІ-th Open Regional Olympiad in Chemistry, the winners were:

The diploma for the first place – KabduahitDaryn (SHL № 15 of Balkhash town)

Diploma for the second place – MusayinMadi (SSH Daryn), Tarasova Maria (Gymnasium № 1 in Temirtau)

Diploma for the third place – KuanNurbek (SL №57 named after S. Sattarov), DarbayAraylym (KSU “Average comprehensive school №25”), MuslimovaAishabibi (Gymnasium № 92).

June 15 – 17, 2017, VI International Scientific Conference “Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry” was held, dedicated to EXPO-2017.

The main goal of the conference is a wide international exchange of the latest scientific results and new approaches in the field of chemistry.

The conference was attended by scientists and experts from the USA, Germany, China, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. More than 300 authors from more than 50 scientific-research, educational and production establishments and enterprises presented their reports.

At the conference, topical problems in the field of chemistry and chemical technology were discussed in the following areas:

– modern problems of theoretical and experimental chemistry;

– synthesis of new chemical materials and their application;

– Topical issues of chemical technology and environmental safety.

At the World Congress of Engineers and Scientists WSEC-2017 on “Energy of the Future: Innovative Scenarios and Methods for their Implementation”, within the framework of the International Exhibition “Astana EXPO-2017” scientists from the Chemistry Department presented 3 innovative projects.

The project “Creation of water saving technologies using new polymeric moisture absorbents in agriculture”created under the supervision of the Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor BurkeevaM.Zh.was recommended by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is presented in the exposition “Projects of domestic scientists and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

2 проекта «Биотопливо второго поколения для автотранспорта из многолетних травянистых растений Казахстана» д.х.н., профессор Мерхатулы Н., «Плазмохимическая установка для получения синтез-газа из отходов нефтедобычи и нефтепереработки» д.х.н., профессор Мустафин Е.С. приняли участие в экспозиции «Казахстан на пути к «Зеленой экономике» от Карагандинской области.

В 2017 году обладателями звания «Лучший преподаватель вуза» стали:

  1. Абуляисова Ляззат Кабылашевна, кандидат химических наук, ассоциированный профессор, профессор кафедры физической и аналитической химии;
  2. Дюсекеева Алмагуль Тарбиевна, кандидат химических наук, доцент кафедры неорганической и технической химии.
  3. Омашева Айман Валекановна, кандидат химических наук, доцент кафедры органической химии и полимеров;
  4. Татеева Алма Баймаганбетовна, кандидат химических наук, ассоциированный профессор, профессор кафедры химической технологии и нефтехимии.

8 ноября 2017 г. В Национальном центре государственной научно-технической экспертизы состоялась Церемония вручения ежегодной награды «Лидер науки – 2017». В номинации Springer Nature «Топ самых публикуемых ученых Казахстана в области естественных наук» награждены: доктор химических наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой химической технологии и нефтехимии Байкенов Мурзабек Исполович, докторант PhDСатпаева Жанаркуль Болсынбековна.

В номинации «Автор высокоцитируемой казахстанской публикации без участия зарубежных соавторов» в области аграрных и биологических наук награжденЫрымғали Мәди Жүнісұлы, магистрант химического факультета.

В соответствии с Приказом Министра образования и науки Республики Казахстан №599 от 28 ноября 2017 года «О присуждении именных премий 2017 года в области науки и государственных научных стипендий» три преподавателя химического факультета стали обладателями государственных научных стипендий:

государственной научной стипендии для ученых и специалистов, внесших выдающийся вклад в развитие науки и техники:

  • Амерханова Шамсия Кенжегазиновна –доктор химических наук, профессор кафедры физической и аналитической химии.

государственных научных стипендий для талантливых молодых ученых:

  • Буркеева Гульсым Кабаевна – доктор философии PhD, старший преподаватель кафедры органической химии и полимеров;
  • Минаева Елена Викторовна –кандидат химических наук, доцент кафедры органической химии и полимеров;

Дипломом и статуэткой Республиканского онлайн-конкурса изобретателей «Шапағат» награжден доктор химических наук, профессор кафедры органической химии и полимеров Буркеев Мейрам Жунусович.

Студенты химического факультета ежегодно демонстрируют высокие показатели на предметных олимпиадах и конкурсах. Так, в 2017 году на Республиканской предметной олимпиаде студенты специальности «5В074800-Технология фармацевтического производства» заняли в личном первенстве 1-ое и два 3-х места (КазНМУ имени Асфендиярова, г. Алматы).

На Республиканской олимпиаде по специальности «5В072000-Химическая технология неорганических веществ» (ЮКГУ им. Ауэзова) студенты университета заняли 3 общекомандное место и два вторых места в личном первенстве. Студенты специальности «5В060600-Химия», также заняли 3-е общекомандное место.

Шесть студентов специальности «5В072000 – Химическая технология неорганических веществ», «5В074800-Технология фармацевтического производства» удостоены дипломов 1, 2, 3 степени по результатам Республиканского конкурса «Лучшая научно-исследовательская работа студентов вузов РК».

Магистрант специальности «6М011200-Химия» Искандеров Аблайхан стал лауреатом Государственной молодежной премии «Дарын» Правительства Республики Казахстан в номинации «Молодой ученый года».

Студенты химического факультета Атамбаев А. и Байжигит А. стали победителями конкурса «Cарыарқа болашағы» посвященного ЭКСПО-2017 в категории «Лучший инновационный проект».

Премией имени доктора химических наук, профессора О.Ш. Курманалиева награждены: кандидат химических наук, доцент кафедры органической химии и полимеров Минаева Е.В. и студент группы ХТОВ-42Жусупов С.

Студенка группы Хе-41 Сабыр А.Қ. признана победителем в республиканском конкурсе за лучшую научную работу по естественным наукам «Ученые будущего».

За участие в региональной научно-практической конференции магистрантов и студентов «Букетовские чтения – 2017» награждены диплом III степени в номинации «Оригинальность идеи» Кенжеева Л.К., Шалдыбаева А.Д. и Комерист Е.В., Баранников Р.В. (диплом I степени).

За текущий год в диссертационном совете КарГУ по химии прошла успешная защита PhD-докторской диссертации Тур А.А. на тему:«Динамическая ЭПР-спектроскопия и квантовая химия механизмов быстрых протолитических реакций» (Руководители: Масалимов А.С., д.х.н., профессор КарГУ; Рахимов Р.Р. – PhD, профессор Норфолкского Государственного Университета, США) и Бектургановой Айжан Жаналыевны на тему «Синтез и физико-химические свойства ряда теллуритов и никелитов некоторых s-, d- и f-элементов» (Руководители: Рустембеков К.Т. – д.х.н., профессор кафедры неорганической и технической химии, Митко Стоев – доктор, ассоциированный профессор Юго-западного университета «Неофит Рильский» (Болгария)) на соискание ученой степени доктора философии (PhD) по специальности 6D060600 – Химия

Образовательные программы


Химия (естественнонаучная)

  • 5В060600-Химия (естественнонаучная)(kaз/рус)
  • 6М060600-Химия (естественнонаучная)(kaз/рус/анг)
  • 6D060600-Химия (естественнонаучная)(kaз/рус//анг)

Химическая технология органических веществ

  • 5В072100 – Химическая технология органических веществ (рус)

Технология фармацевтического производства

  • 5В074800 – Технология фармацевтического производства (рус)

Химическая технология неорганических вещест

  • 6М072000 – Химическая технология неорганических веществ (рус)
Information for Applicants

Dear Applicant, we invite you to enter the Faculty of Chemistry at

Ye.A. Buketov Karaganda State University

Currently the chemical faculty is the largest center of chemistry in the region, consisting of four graduating departments, employing 9 doctors (professors) and 27 candidates (associate professors) of chemical sciences and 9 Doctors of Philosophy, a research institute and 15 research laboratories.

На базе ТОО «Eurasian Industrial Chemical Group», Международного научно-производственного холдинга «Фитохимия», Химико-металлургического института имени Ж. Абишева, Института органического синтеза и углехимии созданы филиалы кафедр химического факультета, где студенты проходят производственную практику. Заключен меморандум о научно-техническом сотрудничестве в области нефтехимии с АО «ҚазМұнайГаз Өнімдері».

Химический факультет ведет подготовку магистрантов и докторантов PhD совместно с Университетом имени Гёте (Германия), Эйндховенским технологическим университетом (Нидерланды), Синьдзянским государственным университетом (КНР), Норфолкским университетом (США), Томским политехническим университетом (Россия) и др.

On the basis of LLP Eurasian Industrial Chemical Group, the International Research and Production Holding Phytochemistry, the Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after J. Abishev, the Institute of Organic Synthesis and Coal Chemistry, branches of the Departments of the Chemical Faculty have been established, where students undergo industrial training. A memorandum on scientific and technical cooperation in the field of petrochemistry with JSC “KazMunayGas Onimderi” was concluded.

The Faculty of Chemistry conducts PhD Master’s and PhD students’ preparation together with Goethe University (Germany), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), Xinjiang State University (PRC), Norfolk University (USA), Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)

In all specialties, instruction is conducted in Kazakh and Russian. Multilingual groups are formed for wishers to study in English.


5B011200 – Chemistry

The graduate is awarded the academic degree of “bachelor of education” in the specialty “Chemistry”.

The sphere of bachelor’s professional activity is education.

Graduates can work as a chemistry teacher, as laboratory assistant for an engineer, as a junior research assistant, as an administrative officer, as a head teacher, as a circle manager, etc. in educational institutions and organizations of general secondary education, vocational education, secondary vocational education, extracurricular institutions and additional education organizations and upbringing.



The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Education” on specialty “Chemistry-Biology”.

Graduates can work: a teacher of chemistry and biology in educational institutions, teachers of additional education, methodologists, heads of departments in out-of-school educational organizations, laboratory assistant engineer, junior researcher, administrative officer, director of studies, heads of environmental and school local lore circles, specialists – in the reserves, zoological and botanical gardens, plant protection stations, research institutes, state and public nature protection organizations, museums of nature, etc.


5В060600 – Chemistry

The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Science” in the major”Chemistry”.

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor is the branch of chemical, metallurgical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, the sphere of education, science and ecology.

Students are trained to carry out production and technological processes in the chemical sectors of the economy and industry; planning and organization of scientific research, programs; the management of the production, scientific and pedagogical team, the laboratory.

Graduates can work in production laboratories of analytical, environmental, customs, sanitary-epidemiological, certification services; scientific research organizations (institutes, laboratories) of chemical, petrochemical, ecological, metallurgical, pharmaceutical profile; in general education institutions and departments of education.


5В072000 – Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances

The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Engineering and Technology” in the specialty “Chemical technology of inorganic substances”.

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor is: management of processes of chemical processing of mineral raw materials in target products; Examination of the technological process; analysis of the composition, structure, and properties of the starting materials and target products; work with chemical reactors, apparatus.

Graduates can work at ore dressing plants; enterprises for the processing of mineral raw materials; enterprises for the production of inorganic acids, bases, salts and mineral fertilizers; metallurgical industry complexes; plants for the production of building, ceramic, composite materials; enterprises of electrochemical production, plasmachemical processes; factories working on nanotechnology; in factory, shop and research laboratories. They can occupy positions of a technologist, engineer, chemical engineer, engineer-technologist, specialist.


5В072100 – Chemical Technology of Organic Substances

The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Engineering and Technology” in the specialty “Chemical Technology of Organic Substances”.

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor is work in the branches of oil refining, petrochemistry, polymer processing, geology, hydrogeology, mining, science and education.

Graduates can work at enterprises producing organic substances; on processing of oil, gas, coal and polymers, elastomers, paint and varnish materials, gunpowder, solid and liquid rocket fuels; on preparation, extraction and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials and their rational use; in research and design industry institutes; at defense enterprises. They can occupy positions of a first-class technician, junior research assistants, laboratory engineers, engineers of research institutes, design and design organizations.


5В074800 – Pharmaceutical Production Technology

The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Engineering and Technology” in the major”Technology of pharmaceutical production.”

In the process of training, students master the technologies for obtaining medicines, developing the foundations of the state system of quality assurance at all stages of the life cycle of the medicinal product; pricing in the field of medicines, new information technologies in pharmacy. Graduates of the specialty are engaged in the development of theoretical foundations of technology for obtaining medicines, the design of ready-made dosage forms, the development of technology for obtaining substances and ready-made dosage forms.

Graduates can work at chemical-pharmaceutical enterprises, enterprises for the production of medical products and medical products, biotechnological industries, perfume and cosmetics industries, in technical control departments, central laboratory laboratories, laboratories for standardization and quality control of medicines, in standardization management bodies, certification and licensing, research institutes.

Training in all majors is carried out by credit technology. There is an opportunity for correspondence courses. Students can continue their studiesOn Master’s Degreein the next majors:

6M011200-Chemistry, 6M060600-Chemistry, 6M072000-Chemical technology of Inorganic Substances, 6M072100-Chemical Technology of Organic Substances, 6M073900-Petrochemicals.

PhD in the major 6D060600-Chemistry.

Non-resident students are provided with a Stundents Residence Hall. For students of the University E.A. Buketov created conditions for a full rest and employment in all kinds of sports. Our students are served by a student polyclinic and a dispensary, as well as a residential complex. Ye.A. Buketov KSU has a sports complex, a stadium, a gym, a ski base and a student palace. During the summer holidays students can relax in the sports camp on the shore of the Topar reservoir, in the recreation area of Karkaralinsk and Balkhash


Dear applicant!!!

Realization of your creative abilities in the future depends on qualitative preparation, active participation in the educational process. Good specialists will always find work. I wish you success in your studies, gay student life and excellent prospects!


Start your future with the University!

For all questions you are interested in, you can contact to the Deanery of the Faculty of Chemistry or the University Admissions Committee on a daily basis.

Our address:

Karaganda, str. Mukanova, 41

(“South-East Bus Station”)

KSU them. E.A. Buketov. Chemical faculty

Tel .: 8 (7212) 34-19-40

Selection committee:

Karaganda, st. University, 28

KSU them. E.A. Buketov.

111, 113 cab.

Tel .: 8 (7212) 77-03-85

University website:


The price-list of the student’s cost of training on a commercial basis in the majors of the Ye.A Buketova KarSU for the 2017/2018 academic year


Code number Major Value , KZT

(4 years)

and daily reduced form of training

(3 years)

External Degree Form

(5 years)

External Abbreviated Degree Form

(2 и 3 года)

5В011200 Chemistry 443300 198000
5В012500 Chemistry — Biology 443300 198000
5В060600 Chemistry 342900 198000
5В072100 Chemical Technology of Organic Substances 346600 198000
5В072000 Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances 346600 198000
5В074800 Pharmaceutical Production Technology 346600 198000


Half-Pass Points (Full-time Tuition) 2017


Code number Специальность Kazh. Rus.
Общ. Сел. Общ. Сел.
5В011200 Chemistry 104 98 79 70
5В012500 Chemistry — Biology 116 105 93 68
5В060600 Chemistry 52 62
5В072100 Chemical Technology of Organic Substances 50 54
5В072000 Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances 50 79
5В074800 Pharmaceutical Production Technology 108 94

The following documents should be  submitted to Buketov:

Certificate of completion of secondary school with the application (original + 2 copies);

8 photos, size 3 × 4 (color or black and white);

Medical certificate form 086-U (this year’s fluorography)

Copy of vaccine card 063-U;

2 copies of the identity card;

1 binder, 2 postal envelopes (without stamps);

Certificate of delivery of UNT (original + 2 copies);

Receipt for payment of tuition (for those applying for a commercial training basis)

Attribution Certificate or Military ticket + 2 copies (for young men entering the full-time department).

Address Certificate.

Entrance examinations in the form of the Unified National Testing are conducted in the following subjects:


3 required subjects:

· Mathematical Literacy

· Literacy Reading

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International Cooperation

The chemical faculty of the Academician E.A. Buketov KSU actively develops international cooperation.The tasks in this field are:

  • increasing the competitiveness of graduates of the faculty in the labor market when applying to international companies, foreign companies;
    • providing students with the opportunity to continue their education in leading foreign universities;
    • joint research with foreign partners;
  • acquisition of experience in educational and research activities with the goal of reaching the level of the world’s leading schools.

International cooperation of the Faculty of Chemistry with Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany), Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic),MSU named after M. Lomonosov, the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry named after A.V. Nikolaev, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russia),Norfolk University (Norfolk, Virginia, USA), the Institute of Organoelement Compounds named after A.N. Nesmeyanov (Moscow, Russia),Institute of Catalysis named after Boreskov of the SB RAS (Novosibirsk), the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of the SB RAS (Novosibirsk), the Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry (Kazan),South-Western University “NeofitRilski” (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria), Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Eindhoven Technological University (Netherlands),Xinjiang University (Xinjiang Province, PRC), Tomsk Polytechnic University (Tomsk, Russia),Institute of Macromolecular Compounds RAS (St. Petersburg, Russia), Technical and Technological Institute of Harbin Polytechnic University (Harbin, China),Peking University, Beijing (PRC); University of Illinois, Champaign (USA), Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N.D. Zelinsky Institute of RAS (Moscow, Russia), Institute of petrochemical synthesis named after A. Tamchiev (Moscow, Russia) are supported.

D.Sc., Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Polymers Sal’kaevaLyazatKarishovna signed a memorandum on joint publication and the preparation of doctoral students Mantler S.N.with HomannJudit – PhD doctor, professor at the University of Szeged Hungary.

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Polymers BurkeevMeiramZhunusovich signed an agreement on joint publication  and the preparation of doctoral candidate SatpayevoyZh. B. with Doctor of Chemistry, associate professor Kulakov I.V. Omsk State University named after Dostoevsky.

Scientific group of the Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Baikenov M.I. conducts joint research with the scientific team of Professor Lativhan (Illinois University, USA) and the scientific group of Professor Ma Feng-yun (Xinjiang University, Urumqi, PRC) in the field of petrochemistry; under the Program of the Kazakhstan-China project “Technologies of coal processing in Central Kazakhstan and the northern foothills of the Tien-Shan mountains of Xinjiang China  in liquid and gaseous products by cavitational activation of the organic mass of the pasteurizer of coal”.

The group under the guidance of Professor Su Xin Tau (Xinjiang University) and scientific staff of the Department of Chemical Technology and Petrochemistry are synthesizing new-generation nanocatalysts for processes of processing coal and heavy oils into liquid and gaseous products.

Professor Baikenov M.I. for students, masters and researchers of Peking University, Harbin Polytechnic University and Xinjiang University (China), lectures were given on the course “Petrochemistry” and “Solid Fuel Chemistry”.

Scientific group of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professorMasalimova A.S conducts joint research with the scientific team of Professor Rakhimov R.R. (Norfolk University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA) in the direction of materials science.

D.N., Professor Merhatuly N. conducts research work together with foreign colleagues from the University of Lancaster (UK) in the framework of the project: Creation of new azulene-containing conjugated oligomers for organic solar cells”

Scientific group of the Doctor of Sciences, professors Tazhbaeva E.M and BurkeevaM.Zh. conducts joint research with the scientific team of Professor J. Kroiter (Goethe University, Germany), with a member-cor. RAS, Professor Panarin EF (Institute of Macromolecular Compounds RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia) and with Professor Alex Van Herc (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) in the direction of nanotechnology in pharmacy.

Scientific group of the Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Salkeeva L.K cooperates with colleagues – professor Buzykin B.I. from the Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry named after A.E. Arbuzov Kazan Research Center RAS (Kazan, Russia) in the direction of the chemistry of heterocyclic and organophosphorus compounds, and also with Professor Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany) Gerd-Volker Roshentaller in the field of phosphorus-containing organic compounds.

In the current academic year, foreign scholars from the Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) – PhD doctoral candidate, professor David Havlicek (lecture topic: Solid State Chemistry) and doctoral PhD Yuri Plotsek (lecture topic: Chemistry of solid state materials) were involved in the current academic year.

Scientific Directions

Scientific research is carried out in accordance with the Prospective Plan of Research of the Karaganda  State University named after E.A.Buketov and on with the grant themes financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. Dynamic EPR spectroscopy and quantum chemistry of kinetics and mechanisms of fast protolytic reactions in liquid phase. Scientific adviser: Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Masalimov A.S.
  2. Electronic spectroscopy of complexation processes of transition metals with organic ligands in water-organic solvents. Scientific adviser: candidate of chemical sciences, professor Khalitova A.I.
  3. Ab initio research of physicochemical regularities in the formation of mesomorphic properties of liquid crystal compounds. Scientific adviser: candidate of chemical sciences, professor Abulyaissova L.K.
  4. Instrumental studies of physicochemical properties of amino acids and their derivatives solutions. Scientific adviser: candidate of chemical sciences, Associate Professor Kutzhanova K.Zh.
  5. Study of the co-precipitation of dicarboxylic acid salts of elements forming multielement oxides with high-temperature superconductivity. Scientific adviser: candidate of chemical sciences, Associate Professor Dyusekeeva AT;
  6. Development of technologies for complex processing of copper electrolyte. Scientific adviser: Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Omarov Kh.B.
  7. Development of production technologies for transition metal nanoparticles with controlled particle size. Scientific adviser: doctor of chemical sciences, professor Tazhbaev E.M.;
  8. Thermochemical processing of heavy oil residues in a mixture with a primary coal tar in the state of coke gas. Scientific adviser: doctor of chemical sciences, professor Baikenov M.I.;
  9. Research and development of technologies for obtaining brown coal wax from coals of low stages of metamorphism of Central Kazakhstan. Scientific adviser: candidate of chemical sciences, Associate Professor Tateyeva A.B.;
  10. Creation of technologies for obtaining new super-moisture, ion exchangers and construction materials based on polypropylene glycolmaleinate, polypropylene glycolmaleinatphthalate. Scientific adviser: doctor of chemical sciences, professor Burkeev M. Zh.;
  11. Creation of an industrial prototype reactor for the organization of production of anti-tuberculosis and hepatoprotective drugs based on sulfuric albumin and polylactic acid. Scientific adviser: doctor of chemical sciences, professor Burkeev M. Zh.;
  12. Development of synthesis technologies and physical and chemical research of new materials promising for solid oxide fuel cells used in hydrogen power engineering. Scientific adviser: candidate of chemical sciences Mustafin E.S.
  13. Development of technologies for the production of lactose and its derivatives from the waste of domestic milk processing enterprises Kaz NIIPSHP. Scientific adviser: Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Tazhbaev E.M.
  14. “Creation of new watercrafts based on copolymers of unsaturated polyester resins to improve the germination and productivity of individual crops”. Scientific adviser: Doctor of Sciences, Professor Burkeev M.Zh.

Based on the results of scientific research, for the last three years, the monographs of E.M. Tazhbaev, L.K. Salkeeva, S.Kenzhetayeva, L.Sugralina, T.S. Zhumagalieva, E.Minaeva, M. Baykenov; vver 300 scientific articles and abstracts at international, republican and regional conferences, 10 teaching aids have been published.

The faculty is actively working on the implementation of scientific projects and contractual works. So the professors of the department are E.M. Tazhbaev. and M.Zh. Burkeev with the staff of the department carried out scientific developments in the framework of grant financing projects. In recent years, defended 8 doctoral dissertations doctor PhD: Zhaparova L.Zh., Shibaeva A.K., Burkeeva G.K., Taishibekova E.K., Tusipkhan A., Abeuova S.B., Tour A.A.

At the end of 2017, the “Best Teacher of the University” Cand.Chem.Sci. (Dr. PhD), Professor Tatyeva A.B., Cand.Chem.Sci. (Dr. PhD), Assoc.Prof. Dyusekeva A.T., Cand.Chem.Sci. (Dr. PhD), Professor Omasheva A.V., Cand.Chem.Sci. (Dr. PhD), Assoc.Prof. Abuliaisova L.K

Topics of Lectures of Leading Teachers

The list of proposed courses by lecturers who are ready for reading academic courses in foreign and domestic universities


FULL NAME Position Themes of lectures Language Contact details
1 Tazhbaev E.M. Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Nanotechnology in Chemistry and Pharmacy Russian
2 Tateyeva A.B. Ph.D., Professor Deep processing of heavy oil and oil residues Russian, Kazakh
3 Baikenov M.I. Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Solid Fuel Chemistry Russian
4 Merhatuly N. Doctor of chemical sciences, professor New azulene-containing conjugated oligomers for organic electronics. Russian, Kazakh
Educational Work

Educational work at the faculty is purposefully conducted in the following directions: socio-political and legal, military-patriotic, moral, cultural-aesthetic and ethno-cultural, social, physical and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, development of students’ research and creative potential, prevention of religious extremism, prevention of crime, drug addiction, as well as educational work in the hostel.

In September, academic groups held curatorial hours to discuss the “Rules of academic honesty”, “Code of Corporate Ethics.”

The students of the faculty and professorial and teaching staff actively participated in “clean Thursdays” and subbotniks, university, city and regional

According to the plan of the educational work of the chemical faculty, in particular, the civil-patriotic and right-wing education of students, as well as the curators’ work plans in academic groups, curatorial hours and talks were held to promote the National Idea “Ma’n’gilik El” and support the political course of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A .Nazarbayev, aimed at educating young people of high spirituality, civic position, social responsibility, readiness for work for the benefit of Kazakhstan society, the formation of a new Kazakhstan patriotism and feelings of youth union.

In the dormitory № 5 were held conversations with students to improve the social and living conditions of students living in hostels, taking care of property, saving electricity, observing the safety rules and the internal routine of the hostel.

Within the framework of the implementation of the article of the head of state “A look into the future: Modernization of public consciousness” on November 6, 2017 in the dormitory No. 5 by the Department of Chemical Technology and Petrochemistry, the day of the department was held on the topic “RuhaniJan’g’yry’. 100 Qadam”.

November 27, the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry held a meeting with students living in hostel number 5, dedicated to the scientific and pedagogical activities of the outstanding scientist, the rector of the Karagin State University named after EA Buketov, the academician Evnei Arystanovich Buketov.

In September 2017, the faculty organized the preparation of 1st year students to participate in the annual competition among first-year students “ZhasTalap – Young Talent – 2017”. As a result of the competition, the faculty was awarded with a diploma for the high organization of the competition, the students of the faculty were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.

On September 9, the students of the Faculty of Chemistry took part in the large-scale action “Health Fest-2017” under the slogan “Our health is in our hands!”

On October 25, 2017, the Faculty organized and conducted the initiation into students.

On October 27, 2017, 1st year students took part in the annual event of the Public Council of the KSU named after E.A. Buketov “We are against corruption!”.

On November 11, 2017, the 2nd year student Eginbaeva Diana participated in the contest for the creation of the best poster on the topic “Alashorda – 100 Jyl!” Andwasawarded a diplomaofthe 2nd degree

From November 17-18, 2017, the students of the faculty took part in the Forum of Students of the KSUnamed after E.A. Buketov”Biz –Qazaqstanyn’ Bolas’ag’ymyz! – We are the future of Kazakhstan!”, dedicated to the International Students Day.

On November 17, 1st year students MakhadiyevaKamshat and 2nd courses TukenTozhan participated in the musical and patriotic action “Ku’i-tartys” in the framework of the Patriotic Act “Ma’n’gilik El” and were awarded with 1 degree diplomas

On December 7, 2017, students of the ХТОВ-41 group participated in the regional forum on the theme “Ruhani Jan’g’yry’: jemqorlyqqa qarsymyz”, dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day.

To develop a sense of patriotism among students at the chemical faculty of students, a contest of creative works among students of the chemical faculty “Ta’uelsizdik – El Tiregi” dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on 20.11-08.12.2017

On December 14, 2017, the musical contest of patriotic songs dedicated to the Independence Day was held at the faculty, following the results of 2 competitions, the winners were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.


Contact information

M02A3G8, The Republic of Kazakhstan
Karaganda,  st. Mukanov, 41

Chemical faculty

Dean: Tazhbayev Erkeblan
tel: 8 (7212) 34-19-40