Innovation and Technology Center

Telephones: 8(7212) 77-04-25



Innovation techniques center at Buketov Karaganda State University was founded during the amalgamation of Innovation center and Technopark in October 2004.

Mission. Agitation of the development of the University’s innovation potential effective use according to the realization the Strategy of Industrial Innovation Development of Kazakhstan for 2003-2015 and State Programme of Kazakhstan’s National innovation system formation and development for 2005-2015.

The main objective for innovation products’ creation is the realization of educational and scientific technical policy directed to the training highly qualified specialists ensuring the competitive ability of the country’s economy on the basis of effective use of intellectual potential, generation, new knowledge realization and spreading, working out science intensive, resource-saving and ecologically pure productions oriented on the high technologies production’s export.

The foreground tasks of Innovation Techniques center at Buketov Karaganda State University are:

  • the Higher School, research organizations’ efforts unification with industrial and commercial spheres with the aim of meeting the demands of the real sector of economy for innovation product;
  • applied research orientation to scientific technological meeting the needs of regional branches of economy in one scientific manufacturing cycle «research — elaboration — manufacture»»;
  • introduction into manufacture leading scientific technical achievements of the University;
  • improvement of the mechanisms and stimuli promoting effective commercialization of scientific working outs, material base improvement for making scientific investigations and invention energization;
  • new scientific educational products creation on the basis of scientific technical and information potential of the University, intellectual property defense, information advertising work;
  • development of infrastructural elements of cooperation with innovative projects for home and foreign investments promotion, marketing and management service.