Information about the faculty

The Faculty of Economics is – one of leading faculties of of the academician Buketov Karaganda State University and it was formed in 1972.

Mission of the Faculty of Economics is in preparation of economists of the new formation, a capable professional knowledge for realization in a science, manufacture, enterprise activity.

Educational activity of the Faculty of is carried out according to license requirements on the following specialities: 
5В011500 – Right and economy bases 
5В050600 – Economy 
5В050700 – Management 
5В050800 – Account and audit 
5В090800 – Estimation 
5В050900 – Finance 
5В051000 – State and local management 
5В051100 – Marketing 
5В051300 – Economic 
5В090200 – Tourism 
5В090400 – Household and service

The Faculty has licenses for preparation of specialists on BD, MD and PhD. Graduates of the Faculty can work as:

  • Economists and managers in the various ministries and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Economists, managers on planning and control, an operational administration, on work with shots, on technological and technical development of manufacture, on preservation of the environment and wildlife management, under the finance in various services of departments of the industrial enterprises and the organizations;
  • Bookkeepers at companies, firms, banks and other;
  • Experts-appraisers, advisers of real estate, the earth, environment and natural resources, cars, the equipment and the vehicles, new technologies and innovations, non-material actives and intellectual property, business;
  • Tax inspectors, experts of tax police, customs committee;
  • Economists, financiers, financial managers of foreign and joint ventures;
  • In the organizations on work with the population, in akimats, departments, committees on affairs of state employees, departments of the state and municipal services on social and economic development of the country;
  • Experts in marketing at the industrial and agricultural enterprises, in sphere of bank, insurance, tourist business, commodity exchanges, in information-consulting, joint ventures, corporations, departments of marketing of various establishments, advertising, sociological and consulting services.
  • In the state bodies connected with the organization of tourism; the state and private companies which are engaged in tourist business;
  • In service sphere which concern public sector: housing and communal services, household combines of service of the population, labour exchange, mail, school etc., and also commercial sector: household combines, airlines, banks, a bureau of computer service, hotels, restaurants, the insurance companies, legal firms, advisory firms, firms on work with the real estate etc.

The Faculty has six chairs:

The Faculty maintains relations with high schools and scientific research institute of the abroad (CIS country) in the form of an exchange of the published textbooks and manuals, scientific monographies, methodical materials. Especially close connections are supported with the Moscow state university named after Lomonosov (Moscow, the Russian Federation), the Russian university of friendship of the people (Moscow, the Russian Federation), the Ural state economic university (Ekaterinburg, the Russian Federation), the Kazan state financial and economic institute (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan), University Scen Ishtvan (Hungary), University of Regensburg (Germany), University of Trento (Italy), the East European institute (Germany).

Scientific work

Teachers of the Faculty carry out scientific researches in following directions: 
080001 – Economic theory 
080004 – Regional economy 
080005 – Economy and management of a national economy (on branches and fields of activity) 
080010 – Finance, monetary circulation and the credit 
050507 – Mountain cars 
010102 – Study of gods 
010207 – Development of natural resources

Scientific work, management are carried out by such visible scientists, as professor Karenov R.S, professor Shayekina Z.M., professor Andarova R.K, professor Pritvorova T.P.

Professor R.S.Karenov creates the scientific direction devoted to research of pressing questions of the theory and practice of management and marketing, economy and the manufacture organization; indicators and ways of increase of efficiency of a fixed capital, capital investments and the new technics; economic aspects of ecology and rational wildlife management; economic-mathematical modelling and forecasting of social and economic development.

In published monographies, textbooks and manuals R.S.Karenov has opened essence and a subject of modern management, has stated the western concepts of management, a problem of working out of strategy of firm, effective technologies of management, feature of the organization of agro marketing, model of formation and optimization of business plans of created commercial structures. In the executed researches the maintenance of production functions, methods of their construction and calculation reveals, the area of their application in the statistic and economic analysis, planning and forecasting. Problems which are investigated by him within the limits of wildlife management economy, it is possible to unite in two big groups. First, it is problems of effective utilization of natural resources and, secondly, it is a problem of search and a substantiation of the most expedient methods of prevention and liquidation of damage from environmental contamination.

Professor Shayekina Z.M. creates the scientific direction based on research of modern approaches to maintenance of efficiency of marketing in managerial process by the enterprises of various industries and fields of activity; ways of perfection of marketing activity of firms; study and use of the concept of an innovative cycle of the goods, necessary for realization of forecasting of rates of sale, advertising, pricing and marketing planning; creation of conceptual model of quality of service, technologies of strategic marketing of tourist branch. In the monographies published, manuals, scientific articles various aspects of marketing in the specific markets are considered: the international marketing, marketing in an education sphere, in tourism, in the markets of the real estate, intellectual production, transport marketing. The modern concept and initial ideas of marketing, application of principles, methods and marketing tools at the domestic enterprises are stated; necessity of the organization, planning and the control of marketing activity, use of modern technologies, methodical receptions and procedures of acceptance of marketing decisions in connection with business globalization at level of the target commodity markets is proved; questions of studying of market condition and models of behaviour of buyers are taken up; the attention is focused on domestic and foreign practice, on representation development how marketing activity of firms in home market should be carried out, and also foreign trade activities of various economic structures in the conditions of the modern international market extremely dynamical and inclined in innovations. The problems connected with logistics, which value has sharply increased in conditions of globalization of economic, are investigated both in industrial, and in distributive spheres – within distributive system, are thus stated taking into account necessity of the interconnected studying and practical use of marketing and logistics.

In scientific researches of P.T. Pritvorova theoretical bases of paradigms of well-being and a social market economy of the state are presented; principles of formation of competitive national social and economic model in modern economy; theoretical bases, principles and social policy functions, institutes of the social state in modern economy; features of transformation of the state social policy and social protection of the population in the course of transition to market economy.

Faculty of Economics
Dean: Yesengeldin Bauyrzhan Satybaldinovich.
tel: (7212) 77-03-58