Dormitory information

Regulations on the hostels of the University of Karaganda named after academician E. Buketova

The list of documents required to apply for a place in the dormitory

1) an application for a place in the dormitory;
2) a copy of the death certificate of both or a single parent, or a certificate from the orphanage (if available);
3) a copy of the oralman certificate (if available);
4) certificate of the presence in the family of 4 or more children (for large families);
5) certificate of disability (if available);
6) a copy of an identity card.

1. To make an application, you must go to the site (Service Center for students and staff).
2. For senior courses, log in to the personal account of the Service Center for students and staff. For the 1st course enter the IIN data and proceed to the application.
3. Select the button "Providing a hostel to students in higher education institutions."
4. To provide a hostel you must fill in all fields.
5. It is necessary to strengthen the supporting documents upon availability and indicate the place of arrival. (For example: Shymkent)
6. Click on the “Generate Application” button.
7. Check the generated application.
8. Click on the "Sign" button.

For the resettlement of non-resident students, undergraduates, doctoral students and students of the preparatory department of the University at KSU named after Y.A.Buketov 6 dormitories are functioning.

The settlement of students is carried out by the commandants of the dormitories together with the deans of the faculties. The settlement is carried out on the basis of the concluded contract for the assignment of a room, an order issued by the housing commission, a receipt for payment for accommodation, a medical certificate.

The necessary conditions for living in accordance with the sanitary and hygienic and building standards of common areas - rooms for self-study, rest rooms, kitchens, insulators, shower, washrooms, toilets are made in all six dormitories.

In each dormitory there are special logbooks for economic services: carpenter, electrician, plumber, where students make records of any malfunctions that are fixed in a timely manner. In each section there are instructions on fire safety regulations, cleaning schedules for rooms, sections, a list of residing students, and the structure of student dormitories councils.

For students living in dormitories, there is a student household complex.

On the territory adjacent to the dormitories of the University, weekly works on landscaping and gardening are carried out. The commandants of the dormitories together with the student councils draw up a schedule for holding Saturday voluntary work day and clean Thursdays. Plans for the Days of the departments, schedules of visiting dormitories by teachers on holidays and weekends are developed at the department of faculties

In the dormitories, the Student Council of dormitories is established annually in order to assist the administration, deans in organizing educational work and improving living conditions in the dormitory, developing leadership skills and self-management among students to make responsible independent decisions.

In all dormitories there are information boards on which information is published that promotes the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a healthy lifestyle, as well as the prevention of infractions.
The average area of the rooms is 6.5 m².
Total number of seats - 2200.
Living conditions of dormitories:
Elevator - in every dormitory
Buffet - in every dormitory
Common dining room - on each floor.
The presence of an electric stove - on each floor 2 electric stoves;
Television is available in every room in the dormitories.
Aid post - dormitory number 3, student health center.
Hot water - yes.
Bathroom - yes.
Shower - every dormitory has a shower room for men and women.
Toilet - in each section.
Laundry is on the ground floor.
Ironing room - on each floor.
Laundry dryer - on each floor.
Rest room - on the first and top floors of each dormitory.
Reading room - in every dorm.
WI-FI zone - on each floor.

A storage room for household goods is on the first floor of each dormitory.