Organization and norming of labor

Master in this area has the skills for qualified work in the field of organization, implementation and application of management technology in labor planning, including a comprehensive analysis and monitoring of proper compliance with management technology in the field of organization and labor planning, analyzes, evaluates, interprets the results and substantiates the conclusions; takes an active part in the process of organization and planning of labor in production, resource support of the production process. You will be qualified as an economist, able to organize effective work in the enterprise (organization) in compliance with labor laws and ensuring the requirements of safety and labor protection.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

The methodology of economics human resources

  • Organization and planning of research in the field of labor Economics
  • Methodology of organization, regulation and remuneration
  • Theories of human resource management
  • Labour market and its regulation

  • National and regional labour market
  • Human development in Kazakhstan
  • Income and wage policy
  • Development of human capital of the company

  • Technologies of human capital development and recruitment
  • Project management in the field of HR
  • Analysis and planning of labour indicators

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates can work in planning and economic services and personnel management services of enterprises and organizations in all spheres of the economy (industry, trade, financial sector, social sphere, etc.).); public administration; personnel and recruitment agencies, consulting companies, research institutes, transnational companies and their representative offices, joint ventures, the national Bank, commercial banks, investment companies and funds, public administration and economic regulation; interstate institutions and organizations, research organizations as an economist, specialist, analyst, engineer.

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