Center of ethnocultural and historical and anthropological researches

The head: doctor of historical sciences, professor Saktaganova Zauresh Galimzhanovna

Brief information:

Center of ethnocultural and historical and anthropological researches of KSU of E.A. Buketov was created on the basis of educational and research laboratory "Ethnocultural Researches" on 2011.

Basic scientific directions:
- Domestic history of the XVIII-XIX centuries;
- Modern history ofKazakhstan, XX century;
- Historical toponymy;
- Daily history;
- Ethnocultural and historical and anthropological researches;
- Local history and regional studies.

Main publications for the last 3 years:
1. Saktaganova Z. The state-religious relations during the soviet period: a periodization and content (in terms of Kazakhstan)// European Journal of Science and Theology, 2018. Vol.14. No.1. – P.103-114
2. Saktaganova Z., Grigorkevich A. The influence of sports facilities on the life and health of people// Opcion. Vol.34. Issue 87-2. 2018. – P.521-542
3. Kozina V., Yeleuhanova S., Dzhumabekov D., Uskembayev K., Utebayeva A. Everyday life in the industrial cities of central Kazakhstan at the end of the soviet era Man in India. – 2017. – № 99 (10). – P. 29-37.
4. Mazhitova Zh., Saktaganova Z., Ilyasov Sh., Abdrakhmanova K., Uskembayev K., Zuyeva L., Tleugabilova K., Ogoltseva E. Ideological and theoretical foundations of BIYS- Institute in the pre-soviet historiography// Man in India. - 2016. – Issue 96 (10). - P. 3647-3659.

Contact details: Karaganda, Gogolyast. 38, building №4, room №232
Phone number: 8 (7212) 516605; +77017627251.
Email address: