Laboratory of Engineering Profile "Physico-chemical methods of investigations"

Head of Laboratory : Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Mustafin Edige Suindikovich

Brief information:

The laboratory was created in 2009. The laboratory is accredited in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with the competence requirements of testing and calibration laboratories.

Main scientific directions and practical tasks

Fundamental and applied research on the development of nanotechnologies and new materials, technologies for the hydrocarbon and mining and metallurgical sectors and related service industries; testing of hydrocarbon processing products and analysis of the content of harmful substances in environmental objects and biomaterials.

Main publications:
1. Kulekeyev Zh.A., Nurtayeva G.K., Mustafin E.S., Ainabayev A.A., Mustafin T.E., Borsynbayev A.S., Zharikessov G.A. Using herders for oil spill response in the sea// News Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan-Series Chemistry And Technology. – 2018. – Volume 5. - P. 58-66.
2. Mustafin E.S., Kaykenov D.A., Omarov Kh.B., Kasenov R.Z., Dyussekeyeva A.T., Abeuova S.B., Borsynbayev A.S. Synthesis and electrophysical study of cobaltites of composition LnM(II)CoO(3.5) (M-II - Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba)// Bulletin of the University of Karaganda-Chemistry. – 2018. - № 90. – P. 86-91.
3. Mustafin E.S., Kaikenov D.A., Pudov A.M., Omarov Kh.B., Karabekova D.Zh., Sarsenbaev B.Sh. Х-Ray Diffraction Study of GdMIICoO3.5 (MII – Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) Cobaitites// Inorganic Materials. – 2016. – Volume 52. – Issue 1. – P. 48-52.
4. Pudov A.M., Mustafin E.S., Omarov Kh.B., Kasenov R.Z., Pudov I.M., Havlichek D., Sevostyanova K.A. Automatic industrial water treatment plant for the production of steam for boiler room JSC "Road construction materials", Karaganda// Bulletin of the University of Karaganda-Chemistry. - 2015. - Issue 79. - P. 42-46.
5. Mustafin Ye.S., Omarov H.B., Havlicek D., Kassenov R.Z., Kaykenov D.A., Muratbekova A.A., Tuletaev D.K., Kancher I.A. Synthesis X-ray and thermodynamic studies of compounds Yb2MI 3Fe5O12 (M-I - Li, Na, K)// Bulletin of the University of Karaganda-Chemistry. - 2015. - Issue 78. - P. 35-41.

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