Research Park of Biotechnology and Environmental Monitoring

Head: candidate of biology Aidar Aitkulov

Brief information:

Research Park of Biotechnology and Environmental Monitoring was established by the Order of the Rector of the Buketov Karaganda State University № 374 from 04.04.2012 for improving the efficiency and quality of the organization of research activities in the priority areas of modern biology.

Main scientific directions:
- Analysis of the content of genetically modified objects in the raw of food and agricultural enterprises, and food.v - Molecular diagnostics of cancer, hereditary and infectious diseases.
- Development of a method to prevent diabetes in the elderly or the mitigation of its manifestations.
- Preparation of virus-free seed crops.
- Development of technologies to improve the content of pharmacological components in the plant material.
- Introduction to the culture valuable plant species.

Main publications for the last 5 years:
1. Turuspekov Y., Genievskaya Y., Baibulatova A., Zatybekov A., Kotuhov Y., Ishmuratova M., Imanbayeva A., Abugalieva S. Phylogenetic Taxonomy of Artemisia L. Species from Kazakhstan Based on Matk Analyses // Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Section B: Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences. – 2018. – Volume 72. - № 1 (712). – P. 29–37.
2. Zhunusova M. A., Suleimen E. M., Iskakova Zh B., Ishmuratova M. Yu., Abdullabekova R. M. Constituent Composition and Biological Activity of the CO2 Extract of Dipsacus Strigosus // Chemistry of Natural Compounds. – 2018. – Volume 54. - № 4. – P. 784-785.
3. Akhmetalimova A. M., Ivasenko S. A., Marchenko A. B., Ishmuratova M. Yu., Poleszak E., Ludwiczuk A., Loseva I. V. The study of the chemical composition of thymus eremita klok. and thymus rasitatus klok. from the Karaganda Region // News Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan-Series Chemistry And Technology. – 2018. – Volume 5. – P. 20-25.
4. Meyramov G., Dupont O.-N., Kartbayeva G. Prevention of destruction of b-cells of isolated pancreatic islets caused by 5-nitro-8-oxyquinoline // Transplant International. – 2017. – Vol. 30. – P. 541-541.
Konkabayeva A., Ishmuratova M., Aitkulov A., Tykezhanova G., Nugumanova S., Turlybekova G., Shorin S. Studying of plants populations in the conditions of industrial pollution in the neighborhood of the cities of the Karaganda Region // Vegetos. – 2017. - Volume 30. - № 4. – P. 122-125.

Contacts: 8(7212) 356152