Scientific research institute of legal studies and state studies

Leader: Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor Bozhkarauly Altai

Brief information:

In accordance with the order of the rector of the University named after E.A. Buketov from 03.09.2013, on the basis of the laboratory of "State-legal research" at the Faculty of law was opened the Scientific research institute of legal studies and state studies.

Main research areas:
- participation in the development of scientific, legal, anti-corruption and linguistic expertise of draft laws, draft by-laws and regulations submitted by the relevant state bodies;
- issuing opinions on peculiar draft laws at the request of state bodies;
- organization and conducting of scientific and practical internships on the basis of the Scientific research institute of legal studies and state studies for specialists in the field of jurisprudence with assignment to the leading researchers and the issuance of documents on the internship;
- carrying out scientific research commissioned by state institutions and organizations, including attraction of grants for their implementation;
- participation in international, republican competitions and other research programs;
- development of direct creative ties with scientific organizations and other legal entities, incl. foreign;
- conducting joint research with domestic and foreign universities and research centers;
- preparation and recommendations for publication of scientific papers, periodical scientific publications;
- the publication of educational, educational and methodical literature, electronic textbooks, teaching aids, courses of lectures on electronic media.
- facilitating the unification of the activities of state bodies and civil society institutions in order to develop legal education and science and improve legislation and the practice of its application.

Main publications for the last 5 years:
1. Rustembekova D.K., Akimzhanova M., Ilyassova G., Nukusheva A. // Extending legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan by anchoring international child rights Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory. – 2018. - Issues 21(3). – 17 р.
2. Bozkarauly A. // Features of elections with the use of electronic voting system Education and science without borders: Prague. - Tiskarna Libertas .- 2018. - № 18
3. Kubeyev Ye.K., Musilimova K.S., Bozhkarauly A., Ahmetova N.S., Ilyassova G.A., Rustembekova D.K., // Issues of improving the legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure the legality of management acts.- «PONTE» International Scientific Researches Journal. – Florence, Italia, 2016. – № 2 (72). – P. 206-215.
4. Gulnara U. BALGIMBEKOVA, Almash K. YBYRAY, Dastan K. YESENOV, Asel B. SOPYHANOVA, Kuat S. MUSIN The Development of Citizenship: Current Trends of the Constitutional and Legal Experience of the CIS Countries // Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics. - Bucharest, Romania 2016. – Volume VII Issue 1(14). P. 1920-1929

Contacts: E-mail:
Tel: 8(7212) 77-03-91