Student design-engineering bureau

Head: candidate of chemical sciences. docent Seldyugayev Oleg Borisovich

Brief information:

Student design-engineering bureau /SDEB/ was opened in 2013.

Main scientific directions and practical tasks:
- robotics;
- design and creation of installations for measuring thermophysical parameters / development of installations for measuring the total heat flux, development of installations for measuring the heat transfer coefficient /.
- development of modernized double-glazed windows.

Main publications:
1.Method of calculation of thermal loss energy in double and triple glass packaging// Kudussov A.S., Seldyugaev O.B., Kudussova I.A., Burkov M.A. // Bulletin of the University of Karaganda – Physics.– 2018.- №3 (91).– С. 79 - 82.