"Тұлғатану" Scientific research center and
Institute for the Study of the spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people

"Тұлғатану" Scientific research center - the head: the Candidate of Historical Sciences Beisenbekova Nursakhan Akhmetovna

Brief information:

The interdisciplinary "Тұлғатану" Scientific research center was opened in 2014.

Main scientific directions:
- conducting fundamental research in the field of historical personalism;
- conducting ethno-cultural and regional studies;
- publication of educational, methodical literature, electronic textbooks, teaching AIDS, courses of lectures on electronic media;
- studying of historical, archaeological and ethnographic monuments of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- the development of the methodology of ethno-cultural, historical and anthropological studies and local history works;
- promotion of ethno-cultural and local lore knowledge among the population;
- preparation and conduct of field ethnographic, archival and bibliographic studies;
- creation of educational and methodical complexes for schools and universities of the region on the history and culture of Saryarka, as well as visual AIDS, documentaries, maps, photo albums.

Main publications:
1. Tuleuova B.T., Shotbakova L.K., Smagulova G.M. Formation of the System of School Education of the Kazakh Society of Central Kazakhstan in the second half of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries// Bylye Gody. – 2018. – Volume 50. - № 4. – P. 1612-1624
2. Gorovoy V.V., Tuleuova B.T., Smagulova G.M.,, Ibragimova G.Ye. The process of adaptation of traditional society and empire (on the examples of the Roman and Russian Empires, Kazakhs and Gallo-Germans)// Bylye Gody. – 2017. – Volume 45. – Issue 3. – P. 716-726
3. Tuleuova B.T., Shotbakova L.K., Smagulova G.M., Kassymzhanova N.A. About Introduction of New Methods of Managing in the Economy of the Traditional Kazakh Society of the Central Part of Kazakhstan in the Second Half of XIX – Early XX Centuries// Bylye Gody. – 2016. – Volume 40. – Issue 2. - Р. 457-468.
4. Shotbakova L., Stambulov S., Smagulova G., Tuleuova B., Musin K. «The main Problems of SCO Enlargement at the Present Stage»// Asian Social Science. Vienna,2015.-Vol.11,No.13.-P.6-11
5. Shotbakova L., Stambulov S., Zhabina Zh. Relations between NATO and the SCO: confrontation or cooperation? // WULFENIA journal. Klagenfurt, Austria. 2014. Volume 21, Issue 2. – P.280-285.

Contact details: +77013279484

Institute for the Study of the spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people - leader: Doctor of Philology Professor Abduov Muhammadgali Ilyasovich

Brief information: The Institute for the Study of the Spiritual Heritage of the Kazakh People was opened by order of the rector in 2010.

Main research areas:
• Studying the heritage of akyns - zhyrau of the Kazakh people.
• Collect materials reflecting their oratory, folk traditions, legends, popular words, etc.
• The release of collections of collected materials.

Scientific publications:
• Creating comedy in satiric short stories by means of languagu tools // XLinguae, Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2018 6 ISSN 1337-8384, eISSN 2453-711X P.383-393.
• Some morphologican and word-building features of imitative words // Life Science Journal.-2014.11(8) - P.112-115
• One The problem Of Loan Terms In Kazakh Terminology // Life Science Journal.-2014.11(4s) - P.365-369

Contacts: 8-701-257-66-91, E-mail: abduov_m@mail.ru